Aloha, Goodbye, Hilo


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I am sad to be leaving, I guess that’s the indicator of a good trip.  We were blessed to share the new engagement of our happy, happy son and bubbly daughter-in-law to be, see the grand darlings nearly grow gills with so much time in the water, see our beautiful daughter paint water colors of native fruits, our son-in-law take me to the store to carefully select local beef for the BBQ and taste local brews, my sweetie of nearly 40 years awake a grin on his face as the birds sing and know he will brew up some coffee for me….these big things and little things that we are so lucky to share together.  There was a surreal moment when I just happened to glance out at the sea and happened to see a whale (a humpback, I suspect), jump out and breech.  Honestly, it was a Pacific Life Insurance commercial.  Though I loudly gasped with awe, the other family members just saw the splash, not the whale.  I wish that view, goosebumps, and tickle of tears in my eyes for them.  I would love to come here again, but I am happy to write it down and savor it. 

I’m not a great pancake lover, but I did go crazy for Ken’s macadamia nut pancakes with their house made syrups.  In fact, I had them two mornings, tee-hee.  Yes, I know there are a ka-gillion calories in mac nuts, and then add syrup, but, you only go around once in life.  If you do it right, that’s enough….that’s what my dad says.  He and my mom and brother took us to Hawaii a couple of times when our family was young.  What a blessing to pay it forward for our kids.  Thank you, thank you again for that, Daniels!


PS.  Where I want to go next time:

  1. Stay at Hawaii Volcano House and eat at The Rim Restaurant
  2. Go to Kilauea Lodge
  3. Back to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park to see lava flowing up close
  4.  Waipio Valley to go horseback riding
  5. Kona coffee farm tour
  6. Puna (maybe) to try the thermal spas (there were reports of people contracting flesh eating bacteria and it was closed in recent years)
  7. Kope Lani in Kona for shave ice and some ice cream, I didn’t ever try the shave ice (distinctly, “shave”, not “shaved” – I read that they Hawaiian language doesn’t have a  “ed” sound in it?)
  8. Imiloa Astronomy Center, didn’t get a chance to go there and it looked geeky fun
  9. Panawea Rainforest Zoo and Garden, sounded like fun for kids and we didn’t get over there
  10. Explore more of the south of the island

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