Bayeux Tapestry and Cathedral

The Bayuex Tapestries, 11th century embroidered scenes from the conquest of England in 1066 by William the Conquerer, are stunning.  I wasn’t overly excited to see them, but once they were in front of me in that long, long 70m piece of lines, I can better understand why they are registered on the UNESCO Memory of the World.  The drama of the scenes and the emotive quality are more than I had expected on a tapestry.  They didn’t allow photos, due to conservation efforts, but we really thought that viewing them was very worthwhile.

Very close to the Tapestry exhibition is Bayeux Cathedral.  Certainly, it is impressive also.  It was consecrated on July 14 (Barry’s birthday, only a few years before he was born tee-hee), by the bishop who happened to be William the Conquerer’s brother.  It is a marvel of Norman architecture.   The town of Bayeux, especially within the conservation area is very charming, with gardens and gracefully aging buildings.


Bayeux Cathedral
Bayeux Cathedral




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