Brittany, Alsace and Rhine Cruise, 6 weeks

We leaving early Sunday morning to:

  • learn more about D-Day as we stay in Normandy, Arronmaches-les-bain
  • explore the walled city where Corsairs, thieves and rogues spent booty and prepared for more raids – Saint Malo
  • eat fresh oysters off the boats in Brittany, Cancale
  • walk the Broceliande Forest, where many believe was the true location of King Arthur and his round table
  • stay in a cider farm, walk the beaches of Finistere (the end of the earth), wander medieval towns
  • commune with ancient stones, which are older than the Great Pyramids or Stonehenge
  • listen to great Celtic music, in France
  • drive the wine trail in Alsace
  • visit a German spa (in the nude)
  • As always, we hope eat and drink very well, and take lots of notes.

We are also going to travel “Rick Steves style”, only a carry-on and a tote each. – I think….

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I am not going to do the email journals this trip, but do have a spiffy new WordPress site, with a little help from my amazing daughter.   I am putting formerly retired blogs back online:  Polynesia, South America, Spain, Greece, Italy, Alaska and more….OH, and please do leave a comment, we love hearing from you.

We are only traveling with a carry on and a small tote.
We are only traveling with a carry on and a small tote.

(I promised Barry that I wouldn’t say that I am traveling with these 3 old bags.  tee-hee)

14 thoughts on “Brittany, Alsace and Rhine Cruise, 6 weeks”

  1. Hope you are settled in your first vacation rental and enjoying France. So want to hear of what’s happening every day of your trip. You know I love love love France.

  2. Denisey,
    Hello you two honeys! I am Late to come on board…. but I have a good excuse, right?
    Drs. appts. abound, but I am getting better!!!

    I love how you packed! Rick Steves would be so DAMN proud…. and I wish I could have walked around Chicago with you! Esp. that Fair/Farmers’ Market!

    Okay…. I need to read on Big travel smooches!

    1. SOOO glad that your health is improving and that you will be traveling soon. (Actually, you are leaving the day that we get back.) Have a wonderful, wonderful trip and I want to hear everything! Well, not everything. Love you tons, D

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