Merlin, King Arthur, as well as korrigans, fairies and druids dwell here, or so they say.  It isn’t too difficult to believe.  There are celtic shops selling all forms of magical, mystical items to help one get in touch with that other world.  As we hiked in the forest, you can certainly feel something here.  I am enchanted.

This patch of forest is all that remains of the huge forest that once covered a vast expanse of inner Brittany.  There are many lakes and streams, the blood to this dense, living, ancient thing.

A few years ago, we went to Tintagel, an area in Cornwall, that claims Merlin and Arthur.  It was a magnificent sight, the ruins of a medieval city along a dramatic coastline, rising and falling on hillsides.  The current locals sold celtic souvenirs and named their shops after Arthurian characters.  However, they didn’t have the more sophisticated, multimedia presentation that we found here in Paimpont.  It did help us get into the mood. 🙂

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