Cashmere Scarves Repair

So,  a trusted, beloved one suggested that I blog about anything that I am doing.  Challenge accepted.  Here is a somewhat mundane, but possibly useful post.

I have a couple of scarves that have moth holes in them, one is an especially unusual, beloved souvenir from Edinburgh from a few years ago (here’s my travel connection to this blog). I thought about trying to mend them, or maybe see if someone can reweave them up here in Sacramento. Then, I wondered if my new needle felting hobby might come to the rescue. I am pleased with my initial attempts.

Before, these little moth holes were all over!


After, pretty good.


Then I felted in some flowers and leaves on another badly damaged, but oh so soft scarf.  I like it even better now. IMG_3003


I got interested in needle felting after seeing little gnomes in Denmark, Iceland and Germany.  They were sitting on benches in shops, in gardens, painted on walls and decorated children’s clothing.  According to lore,  the gnomes live in little houses in rocks and trees and they can walk through solid objects as easily as we walk through air.  There were several places in Iceland where we saw little doors on rocks, where the gnomes lived.  Though not a person to go for cutesy stuff, I found the idea just so endearing.

When I got home and did more research, finding lots of little gnomes made from needle felting.  Serendipitously, there is a needle shop just over a mile away from us called Rumplestiltskin that is in charming old brick building and is adorable.  They carry all the items needed for gnome making and I got to work shortly before Christmas making gnomes, Santas and mushrooms. The feel of the wool, the rich colors and keeping my hands busy during a cold winter night was so appealing.  Gnomes on pinterest


2 thoughts on “Cashmere Scarves Repair”

  1. Denise, you are just a genius!! What a great idea to save valuable cashmere scarves….and then the flowers, another “world’s best” award for you!
    Peter and Marga

  2. You are one brilliant lady!! Anyone that could knit me a Christmas thong could certainly mend a scarf – such talent 🙂 Hugs – Mark

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