Chateau du Haut-Koenigsbourgh


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This is one of the best restored castles that I have seen. It sits high above the plain and looks as though it grew from the rocks at the top of the mountain. Built in the 1100s, it was destroyed by Swedish arterlery in the 17th century and then restored by William II of Germany in 1899. It was returned to France in 1909. The restoration of the castle was a monumental feat. In a time when the surrounding villages didn’t have electricity, every form of modern technology was utilized to rebuilt this castle. The political will must have been tremendous.

Barry and I imagined how much fun our grandkids would have seeing all the staircases, stone walls, dragons, suits of armor and horrific weapons. Perhaps we are recalling a time, almost  24(??!!) years ago that we took Heather and Jonathan to England and Ireland. A highlight of that trip, with two school aged kids, was watching them run all over castle ruins and our own imaginations running wild, even as adults, about battles and maidens and chivalry.




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