Chicago Food!

We where able to try some iconic Chicago food when we visited a few years ago such as —– and —- pizzas, super dawgs, and some great Greek food, (Millers ribs?) THIS trip we tried out a casual and popular place with Leslie that served Chicago beef, Portollo”s. The long rolls were stuffed with thinly sliced beef, a little au jus, and topped with some spicey veggies. Whoa, delicious! I couldn’t help ordering up a cup of frozen custard to share for dessert. I believe that it’s a Midwestern thing? Deep in my mind’s recesses, I recall eating lemon custard and how different it seemed from ice cream. I didn’t really taste much of a difference between this frozen vanilla custard and a moderately good ice cream. Hmmmm, a trick of a childhood memory?

Another thing that I remember pretty well from childhood was visiting an upscale Chicago steak house, Stockyard Inn? With my parents and brother in the 1960s when I was a kid. My parents were incredibly brave ( and generous) about taking us to nice restaurants so that we would learn how to behave. The best part was seeing how much my parents enjoyed the meal and also that the waiter brought a quite fancy cart to the table with different steaks in it. The diners were invited to choose a small but very hot branding iron and burn their chosen symbol into the raw steak. Then your personalized steak would be returned to you cooked to order. Tres chic. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a listing for this restaurant in Chicago. We tried to get into another famous steak house, but couldn’t get in.

Our Sweet Caroline turned us on to Brew Dogs, a really unique show on the Esquire channel (yes, I never heard of it). Two adorable Scottish rapscallion brewers travel in the USA to make different kinds of beers with the locals. One of their shows included a stop at Paddy Long’s in Chicago. Paddy Long’s specializes in beer and bacon, genius, right? The bar keep had only compliments for the Scotsmen who came a-visiting and served up some. Very nice local brews, including a nice stout that hit the spot. Barry, being a mans man, ordered their specialty, a bacon bomb! God knows lhow much beef was on that bun, and wrapped in bacon. I was quite wise in ordering a salad, HA! It had tons of bacon on it too. Hopefully, we will walk enough to reduce the risk of heart attack.

My lovely son-in-law recently purchased a vitamix, and is quite the juicer. I am going to ask him to duplicate a wonderful juice that I found here in Chicago. It contained apple, beets, ginger (lots), and lemon. Though it was pricey, it was fabulous!





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