Eating Asheville

Artists’ Galleries inside old Woolworth’s building, they even kept a lunch counter.

Eating Asheville is a very appropriately named food tour in a city that has a wealth of innovative and  arrived restaurants. Barry and I had a wonderful afternoon walking downtown Asheville with a food guide in a group of about 17 other foodies enjoying a sampling of Asheville restaurants, hearing from local chefs and learning some of the local history. In all, we made eight stops,the highlights for us were:

  1. Battery Park Book Exchange and Champagne Bar – Well, yes, the name says it all. This is a really large, almost elegant place in an historic building that is a bookstore with tons of comfy seating amid thousands of books and they serve wine, small plates, desserts. Just the best.
  2. Rhubarb – southern food with innovative approaches, really fun place.
  3. Cucina24 – modern take on italian food – very unique mix of local and classic Italian.

What a fun, though fattening,  way to enjoy a city! “Where Werid is Normal”

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