ER Not on Itinerary!

ER Nashville It was a pleasant day until we had to call 911. Well, except that Mr. Fleming’s battery died, perhaps that was a harbinger of what was to come.

We drove out to Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage. Learning more about our seventh president’s life and during his  prosperous 1,200 acre cotton plantation.  The Hermitage was built by Andrew Jackson and his family kept it until  1895 when a foundation bought it.  Thus, the current museum is full of original decor. It was interesting to see the chairs that he sat in, the bed that he died in, the lands that supported him, even many rooms of original wallpaper.

On the recommendation of some ladies we met at the concert the night before and good reviews on trip advisor, we visited Opryland Resort.  It is a behemoth of a complex with hotel facilities and conference Center, restaurants, a river cruise all contained under one roof. It was an impressive structure though other than hugeness, not especially  unique or interesting. Ya know if you’ve been to Disneyland, you’ve seen this stuff times 1,000 over. We decided not to take the little river cruise since we are all veterans of The  Jungle Cruise. Teehee

When we got back to our VRBO condo Nancy and I went for coffee, Dan left to have a new battery installed in his car, and Barry  (alone in the condo) had  what we were afraid was a heart attack. The poor guy had a intense pressure in his upper stomach and found it very hard to breathe.  He called me and I entered that totally suspended animation and sort of focused panic zone that I entered a few months ago when he had heart valve surgery.

I plunged toward the condo, calling 911, yelled to the concierge and handy man that my husband could be having a heart attack upstairs and we needed help. They could not have been more responsive, and kind in helping the rescuers get up to the 22nd floor! Giant paramedics took us to Centennial Hospital with EKG hooked up at all times. Quickly blood tests showed that his heart appeared to be in good shape, but they wanted to keep him for 24 observation. More blood tests, X-rays, heart monitoring ensued.

After a few hours we were moved into a temporary ward. The hospital was greatly impacted and shortly after our arrival emergency patients were diverted to other hospitals.   So there we stayed for a hell of a long night with only thin drapes between beds, we learned intimate details about the health of our neighbors.  (That’s a long story!) I got a straight backed chair for the night. The staff of nurses truly were angels of mercy though they drew blood and took blood pressure from Barry in what seemed to be every few minutes.

Thank Goddess, no evidence of any threat to his health, he was released.

imageMeanwhile the Fleming’s were able to take the Nash trash tour that we were SOOO  looking forward to. It is on our bucket list now to return just for this tour (look it up on YouTube!)  The Fleming’s said their sides hurt from laughing at the irreverent, filthy, joking on this tour. You know we must go!

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