Fish & Bondi

Fish Market and Bondi Beach
February 17, 2017

It is soo hot and I am soo schwety. Yuck! However, we both really want to see the famous Sydney fish market. Yup, it is pretty cool. There are impressive displays of oysters, fish and sushi. We’d love to cook some, but we don’t have a kitchen. We sample some oysters and sushi then head to the BEACH!

We Uber to Bondi Beach (pronounced “bon-dye”). The plan is to walk one of the great coastal walks, Bondi to Coogee. It’s supposed to take 1-2 hours at about 6 miles. I read about it months ago, and it looks amazing, I can’t wait. BUT, the heat is overwhelming, even at the coast. We start out, but we are dripping with sweat and decide to save it for the next trip to Sydney, and a cooler day.

Heading back to Bondi Pavilion, there’s a festive restaurant that epitomizes beachy – wooden aqua painted tables, navy cushions , white shades above us, like sails. The view is world renowned Bondi Beach. Barry and I pull up some shade and a pitcher of Pimm’s punch. We watch the parade of bronzed beach regulars:  young parents with pre-nap toddlers, older folks with newly sunburned cheeks (maybe Brits?…mad dogs and Englishman…), bikini babes and lots of surfers. It’s a real show! I think Chris Hemsworth walked by a few times. Yumm! The ocean mesmerizes. There are layers of color that shift: white surf, tan sandy water, aqua, turquoise, jade, deep blue on the horizon.

Though we didn’t do the walk we’d planned, we get 4.97 miles on Fitbit. A final meal at our home away from home this week, The Lord  Nelson, ends our practically perfect day. We rent a car and drive North tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Fish & Bondi”

  1. We were there in early November two years ago. It was a fun place to see. At that time the weather was fine. The temperature can certainly be an issue. We visited Port Douglass and the Great Barrier Reef in August (their winter). People there told us we could never take it during their summer. I guess the temps can be in the 120s. Don’t forget your sun screen!

  2. Enjoyed reading about the ghost tour, Manly Beach and Bondi. This is the way to vacation – take in the tourist sites, but enjoy the down time of the beautiful beaches. You will be refreshed to go on to the next big adventures. So much fun to travel with you.

  3. So excited for you and Barry to be in such a fabulous place! Last year in Adalaide, during the Fringe Festival, we had to hide out for chunks of time during the days we were there because of the heat as well. Loved reading your blog. At first, I thought you posted the piece from a travel article until I spotted your name at the top!

    1. Thanks for the nice comments. We didn’t make it to Adelaide, and are now interested in learning more about it. We sailed home with a couple from Adelaide and they were very proud of their wine and culture – they were lots of fun too, like we found most Australians to be. Hope to hear about your trips sometime. We’ll be in SD next week. Are you around?

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