Go Girl, Pee like a Man


Having had a little previous experience with overseas toilieting, I was so excited to read about a little funnel type device, molded in a sweet pink plastic, that allows we ladies to pee-pee standing up. Thus, we may avoid the horrors when presented with a less than suitable toilet.  I have been presented with a hole in the ground behind a public toilet door or a “toilet thing” so disgusting that I had to flee, rather than pee.  I amazon primed one for myself and one for my BFF, because it seemed like a gift to give to someone you love. ( I need to order one for two other dears who will soon be traveling, EH and PD., interested? )

The other day, I had one of those toilet horror experiences, described above.  A nice brasserie in St.Malo  had a unisex potty, as I entered the foyer to said room, an embarrassed Swedish lady was exiting.  She grimaced and said, “It is not nice.” She wasn’t understating this.  Many men had “missed” during their use. There was no seat on the pot and it was at least 3 feet off the ground! Go Girl to the rescue! I stepped to one side toward the back, used the device, as described on its packaging. I included some Clorax wipes and some hand sanitizer in my little kit. I wrapped up my new little friend neatly in its washable case and, “voila”, I’m outta there.  Phew!


10 thoughts on “Go Girl, Pee like a Man”

  1. You are a daring one.
    I have tried to sign up twice to get your blog but have been unsuccessful. Caroline is forwarding so I am now getting them.
    Take care,

    1. Ugh sorry. I am new to this web editor and will ask Heather what’s wrong. Thanks for following, though 🙂 Did you check your spam folder for the confirmation email? I will also see if I can add you on my end. Hugs, D

      1. Love your catchy title-wish I could share with kids! Female swimmers have been doing this for years due to the difficulty of moving a wet bathing suit up and down your body!

        1. I never knew how swimmers got out of those suits to use the restroom! I was afraid they peed in the pool, as that American male swimmer confessed to doing! Yuck…

    2. Where art you going in Greece? How fabulous! Hope you are taking a tour or cruise? We got stuck there traveling during a strike, which I guess happens fairly regularly. Hugs! Oh, order a go girl, Pam, 🙂

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