Great Start in Chicago

Chicago Air BnB Old Town
Chicago Air BnB Old Town


Dave’s taxi picked us up a little earlier than our scheduled 4:45AM pick up. We got pre TSA randomly marked on our boarding passes, so we didn’t  have to take off shoes, take out liquids, take off coats.  We felt so VIP.  Since we packed in only carryons we swept past others to the taxis and under 30 minutes later we were in our old brownstone in a WONDERFUL neighborhood of Old Town in North Chicago.  We are  nearly across from Lincoln Park and the lake.  I adore this wonderful neighborhood, which I have never seen before.

The Renegade Craft Fair was set up in Wicker Park (we think this is part of Oak Park)  and we needed a stretch.  So, about 3 mi walking, we got to

Chicago Renegade Craft Fair
Chicago Renegade Craft Fair

a city of booths set up on Division Street. It was swarming with shoppers, but fun to see.  Didn’t buy a thing because: 1)  I wasn’t really tempted by anything. 2) Not much will fit in my carryon case. 3) I don’t want to cart things around for 6 weeks.  We did enjoy some extremely refreshing watermelon spritzers.  They advertised them as cold pressed, natural sodas. I must remember these! The weather has been great, mid-70s. We missed humidity and higher temps, and we hope to fly out of here before an anticipated storm.

Certainly, we added another mile to our total by walking around the huge street fair and treated ourselves to a taxi back to “our neighborhood”, oh, and a beer.  Corcoran’s is an Irish pub, across from Second City, and a short walk back to our brownstone.  Lovely, lovely day!  This is such a vibrant, fun-loving city.

Corcoran's Irish Pub
Corcoran’s Irish Pub

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