Jon and Kathryn Arrive

imageAugust 8 , 2016.  Poor internet connection has been a hassle onboard ship.  However,  I have a funny story from a few days ago.

Jon and Kathryn arrive from San Diego and we couldn’t be more delighted to see them. We all go on a sightseeing cruise. As we bombard them with too much information on what we’ve seen in Copenhagen, what we want to show them.  They are wilting before our eyes. Jet lag is not a pretty thing. We got them back from a short walk and beer stop just before they collapsed. Thinking they are out for the night, we, ourselves settle in.

Ah, but they are young, and for Kathryn, this is the first time she’s been in Europe. They napped for a while, then went out, as young people should do. They met a couple in a pub, an Irish fellow with a Danish wife who offered to show them the sights. They companionably toured throughout the town, even taking photos with the Little Mermaid and got back to the hotel before we awoke, “in the wee hours”.

When we tried to wake them, at about 8:30am, we couldn’t get them to answer the door. STILL being a mom, I worried that they had gone out and were floating in a canal somewhere, face down. We tried phoning, no answer. After some insistent and loud knocking, very groggy Jon came to the door telling us they would get up. A couple of hours later, we still didn’t hear from them and tried calling and knocking on their door again. No answer at all. Now afraid that they had drowned in their own vomit after taking some sleeping pills to help them sleep, I even had Barry worried. He called housekeeping, to unlock the door and found their room empty. This was just about the time I had run downstairs to the restaurant to just see if they had gone down to breakfast without us. They were happily enjoying the plentiful hotel buffet, enjoying a second cup of coffee. I was merciless teased for being an alarmist and have learned my lesson. They had a wonderful time their first night in Copenhagen and they are grown-ups.

We all boarded The Regal Princess, the flagship of Princess cruise lines early that afternoon. We are off for eleven days to enjoy the Baltic!


6 thoughts on “Jon and Kathryn Arrive”

  1. I love your story! You are absolutely a mother. I totally understand and would have done the same thing. Once your little boy….always your little boy!

  2. HI Denise, I think I’m getting the hang of looking under this sight. I would have done the same thing. Great story. XO

  3. Denisey, I totally get it, as a fellow mom!!! How wonderful now to enjoy the cruise of a lifetime the 4 of you! 2 wonderful couples going to see, do, eat, laugh, EXPERIENCE….. did I get most of the verbs?? Love you guys! Bon Voyage again!

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