Lovely Quimper

What a very pleasant surprise, Quimper! It is a modern, busy city, but it retains it’s history with style. We enjoyed their busy market, where locals shopped for fish, produce and a quick gallette for lunch. The city is clean and well kept, with restaurants, nice shops, great recreation and the coast nearby. What a gem!


5 thoughts on “Lovely Quimper”

  1. And where have you found the perfect music to accompany all of your movies?
    Watch out! Your posts are so charming, I want to jump on a plane and join you.
    Don’t worry, it’s currently just wishful thinking on my part.
    Love your “Because it’s important!” comment on the expensive bras and panties.
    Keep up your blogs and movies. They bring smiles to my day.

    1. I actually downloaded some traditional Breton and Alsatian music before we left. I just love the Celtic stuff and am glad that you like it too. We must journey somewhere fabulous together someday.

  2. Love Quimper…are you staying in one place or a different city each day? I would love to see a map of where you are…must goggle maps when I finish this post. So much fun to follow your travels.

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