Naked in Baden-Baden

Yes, we did it.  We took in the waters of Baden-Baden, Germany.  We went to a spa that was recommended by a few sources, Caracalla.  It really was gorgeous, modern and well organized.  Upon arrival, we paid for the both of us what it would normally cost in the US for one of us for a couple of hours of soaking, a massage and a sauna.  They use some nifty wrist bands to keep track of any charges that you make in the spa.   Attendants kindly explained to us in English how to use the dressing rooms and lockers, so that we can change into our swimsuits.  Then we were are released into the Disneyland of spas.  The central baths are enormous and bathing suits are worn there.  There are places where you can sit and stand to have waves, bubbles or water pulses hit just about any part of your body.  (Who needs a man, anyway?) They are indoors, outdoors in grottos, in huge pools.  One is cold, which we ran and out of, others ranged from warm to very warm.

My massage came first and my massuse didn’t speak English, so from her German and the gestures that she made, I think I did alright.  Take off my top, yeah, ok.  Then she tugged my swimsuit bottom down so far, I thought she was going to take my temperature.  After the initial, mmmm shock, the massage was really great.

After, I had my massage, Barry and I headed for the sauna area where bathing suits are forbodden. Yes, a little werid at first, we stripped off our suits in a busy hallway with naked folks walking around and stored the suits in a cubby.  We both tried to nonchalantly cover ourselves with our towels.  Most all the other folks around us were not worried about covering up at all.  We showered off in a co-ed shower room and and tried not to look, but I did.  I clung closer to Barry and we went went into a sauna.  After a few minutes, an attendant came in and asked us to keep our feet on our towels.  This nifty conversation was conducted with us both buck naked and she in her little spa uniform.  We somehow got our butts and feet in the right position and tried to relax.  It wasn’t so bad.  There really aren’t that many good looking people in the world, especially once you see them naked and sweating.  There are lots more big bellies and sagging boobies than nubile swelte types.

We showered off again and got into a whirlpool.  Again, the only werid thing was seeing people who were dressed.  For example, there is a smoothy booth in the middle of all this and a guy is fully dressed stocking the booth, and selling smoothies to naked people.  Just a little weird.  There were forest sauna rooms and woodland sauna huts away from the main building, but we decided to leave that for the group of young bucks who were heading out there.

Barry went off to get his massage and I got a nice little Greek salad at one of their restaurants.   The hardest part of the day was trying to figure out the parking machine to get out of the garage!

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  1. I sure liked this narrative… I was secretly waiting for the R-rated part of the trip….. I do prefer R movies to PG…… you both are brave and fantastic and I don’t think I would have done as wonderfully as you two ….. AND I only think I could have gone with my husband/significant other…. and NOT another married couple that I KNOW!!!! Of course we know that Carola would not have been afraid! But, I think I could only be talked into going as group if everybody promised to get super drunk first! Suddenly I would only be interested in keeping my eyes at nose-level or above!!! HAHAHA I am a big chicken. So here’s kudos to you, Denisey and Barry!

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