Nashville, Surprised I Love It

I really pondered whether we should come to Nashville. I mean country music, heavy food, cowboy boots aren’t so much my “thang”. Whoa, couldn’t be more wrong, this place is great!

We started at the County Music Hall of fame, and I ENJOYED it! Firstly, it is a stunning, new building and the exhibits are state of the art and quite flashy. The history of country music is presented in a very interesting way, it’s link from Europe and movement to USA hill country.  The very folksy, frumpy costumes from long ago performers are displayed not too far from a  gorgeous Taylor Swift outfit. There were exhibits where I learned about the strong links between country, folk and rock. Did YOU know that Bob Dylan recorded here, and with Johnny Cash? Music playing everywhere!  This isn’t to be missed.

Honky Tonk Row
Honky Tonk Row

The District is an area of honky tonks, BBQ joints and boot shops. I thought it would be  junky, but it was clean and damned fun. Here it is, midday, midweek,  during winter, and live music is beating out from doorway after doorway. It’s good music to my ears, twang-free and professional! We slipped into one and I could easily see the great appeal in drinking beer, eating BBQ, listening to music as a primary vacation activity.

That evening we went to hear Emily West. She was in one of those competitive singing tv shows. After seeing her on YouTube, we thought we’d see her show. Really, really enjoyed her, beautiful music and a raunchy, flirtatious sense of humor.

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  1. I loved living in Nashville and thought you would like it there. On country music, you have not heard the story that Anne took a course at the Univ of Okla, “Country Music in American Society.” You and she can have a great conversation about country music at our next happy hour. I was the one who was taken because I paid out of state fee for that philosophy class. Happy you liked one of my favorite cities.

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