Norwegian Fjords, Part 2

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This morning we have a little bit of an itinerary issue. We decide not to go kayaking on the fjord since it’s cold and raining. We both have some sniffles that are hanging on, so what do we do with our day here? The views are just amazing, but we have no hotel room anymore after 11AM. There is nothing to this town, and though we do a little hiking around in mud and cold, it’s just not happening for us here. Our ticket outta here isn’t until nearly 7PM! I have been trying to hold back the dread of this next leg of our journey. We had planned to take a bus to Voss, traveling Northern Europe’s steepest stretch of road. It contains 13 hairpin bends. Ugh, just shoot me!

So my nerves and the waiting are getting to me. Here is the magical thing that happens, in this MAGICAL place. I go out to the parking lot looking around. A bus pulls up just as I get there. The destination on the front is marked “Voss”, just where we need to go, hours before our scheduled bus. The driver tells me that he’s leaving for Voss in 15 minutes, but that if I take his bus, I would miss the windy road. He takes the tunnel through the mountains, doesn’t go over it. What? Yes, please!! Barry is all for this plan too, and so we leave for Voss.

Fleischer’s Hotel is tonight’s stop in Voss. It was built in 1848, is a grand dame on the fjord. What a pleasure to unwind in another gorgeous pool and sauna, but the rain continues. Barry hears an older Scottish fellow near us at breakfast the next morning. He says to his wife, “Seven months of bloody planning and you pick a rainy day for our trip.” Next up, a train to Bergen and the Eastern edge of Norway.

9 thoughts on “Norwegian Fjords, Part 2”

  1. I haven’t had a chance to post yet to tell you that I’m thoroughly enjoying all your adventures. Glad you missed those hairpin curves. Love to you!

  2. OKAY! Love this one!!!! The Hogans conquer the rain, because Denise likes to wonder parking lots. Ahhhhhh you found Norway’s Hotel Del complete with a fiord!!!! And Barry, stop eavesdropping, for heaven’s sake! (good exchange though) BTW, did Barry wear that green vest just to look good with the background. Smooches to you guys!

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