Broadway to see Book of Mormon
Broadway to see Book of Mormon
Barry, Master of the subway


August 2, 2016

The red eye to New York wasn’t too bad. Both Barry and I thought the flight went very quickly, thus deducting we must have slept (?), this, to spite a damned yappy dog up a few rows. My new forward leaning pillow, as seen in sky mall, was somewhat of an aid in helping me sleep.

Lawrence at the desk of Best Western JFK was so accommodating,! Our room wasn’t ready for check in when we arrived at about 10am (check in time IS 2pm, so we had expected to just stow luggage and explore). He asked us to have some coffee and the room would be ready in half an hour, he also upgraded us to a room with a jacuzzi tub. Barry bubbled away in this for a while. I hit the bed and napped for a couple of hours. Ah!

We subwayed over to Manhattan to see The Book of Mormon, the Eugene O’Neil theater was beautiful and the play was irreverently evil fun. I had looked online to see what to wear, as in “What tar people wearing to the theaTar these days”. As described, people dress as though they are going to the movies – shorts, tennis shoes, some older folks marginally dressed up. So comfort ruled.

More than ever before I see how international a city this is! So many flavors of people, languages from every continent (tho, not Antarcticans yet – poetic license ya know). Times Square pressed upon us with the movement, the noise, the throb of millions of hearts beating. It was really too much. As I write this in a crowded subway train, I feel as though in a monastery. ALL are silent, most people have their heads bowed and eyes closed. I am drinking in the peace and being alone together in this cool peaceful place. We will soon face chaos of the outside world above us.

Tomorrow a food tour, then we will fly overnight again, this time to Copenhagen!

5 thoughts on “NYC”

  1. I could literally smell and feel the City! I just love your travel stories! When are you finally writing your first novel???
    Happy continuation and kindest regards,

  2. Hi Denisey,

    I am going to try and “follow along” you two sweeties. I like all the details (flight, hotel, Jacuzzi) that you gave, you little traveler writer you!!! Photo of Barry has that I’m on vacation Cheshire smile!!!! You haven’t even made it across the pond and I’m already envious!! I am hopeless. Love love love you guys! xoxo

  3. Hey Denise! Love NY. Been all over and the trains. Times Square is crazy. Just like Chicago it has so many ethnicities and you hear so many different languages just walking around. Have a safe flight. ?

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