4 thoughts on “Papeete Video”

  1. Okay you two! Jealousy is raging on as I’m watching your Papeete Video — no sound as I am on hold (multi-tasking) with a call about some mundane U.S. health ins. crapo— and I see, among other things: —– gorgeous photos of native Tahitian dancing, so colorful …. stores with oodles of tropical fruits, BARRY with a yummy looking drink…. Denise shyly walking behind a band (no doubt to prove you guys are there, not stealing from a travel ad video) and then the open sea BLUE BLUE sea. I have been there! But I’m still having disproportionate ENVY!! And then you save the best, toward the last…. cutey little Denisey learning the female side of the dance, keeping up WELL…… and THEN Barry who starts out cautiously and then GOES FREE FORM…. and it begins to look like an audition tape for Dancing with The Stars….. go Barry go! Love it!!! You guys crack me up and made me begin my day with THE BIGGEST SMILE!!!

    1. Elise, you ALWAYS make me smile! Love, love your comments and that YOU are a huge traveler and still take the time to read my stuff. Love you, Sweetie, D

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