Seafood, especially oysters and mussels are in every restaurant  in this popular tourist town. In times past, French pirates or corsairs, ran this walled city. As we walked the walls surrounding the city, it was easy to imagine them in the bars, looking out to sea and causing havoc. Now the tourists do theses things and the costume of today is the striped French “marine” or sailor look. Stripped shirts, shoes, jackets, purses, you name it, are featured in shops and on the dress of the people strolling.

We are staying in a really gracious old hotel 3km outside of the walls, along the long boardwalk. It is comfortable and the staff members are among the most solicitous I have experienced.  Barry has had oysters for 3 meals straight, then took a break for mussels. We have walked and walked and walked all over. So much to see and the weather is just gorgeous! Life is good.



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