We ate dinner at the hotel in Ottrott, which was our best meal yet.  The meal began with an amuse buche trio, all fun and yummy.  Then for dinner,  I had a regional dish, three fish with sauerkraut.  I have seen on other menus, so I know that they are not joking with me, a regional dish.  A large mound of sauerkraut is surrounded by a small piece of salmon and two different white fishes and a goodly amount of beurre blanc sauce.  It was delicious, the sauerkraut was very mild and the fish were all perfectly cooked.  Who’d have thought?  Then for dessert……savarin, a sort of rum cake.  WOW!  I found a cake that SORT of looked like it, except at this restaurant, it was filled with  a heavy whipped cream, candied figs, pistachios and a pool of a sweet liquer, which the maitre d said was not rum, but a local sweet liquer.  It was devine.  Then they brought out a trio of dessert amuse buche, all very tiny and wonderful:  a buttery thumbprint cookie, a jellied fruit candy and a dense chocolate. OMG

Again, sorry no photo, but here’s a link for a recipe that I may try:

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  1. Just read the yummy description of the savarin dinner….. SUPER YUMMY Is it a coincidence that the word savarin is very close to our word SAVOR???…… a nerdy teacher question, I know! Miss you guys! Thanks for the nifty narratives as you travel! I think I am reading them out of order???? No matter, because I intend to get the in-person stuff too. LOVE LOVE

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