So, we spent the day in BROOKLYN

imageAugust 3,  2016

Just didn’t know much about Brooklyn, so we thought on this trip, we’d learn a little more about it.  We actually started  in small coffee shop in Greenwich Village. It was just a few doors down from a place that Taylor Swift is renting for $40,000 a month. I guess she was in town but we did not see her.    It’s a beautiful area, but still hard to understand how these charming, but somewhat modest homes the cost millions and millions of dollars. Just the cost of living in the big city, I guess?  We learned that the area around Washington Square Park is quite ritzy, that on the Upper East Side Katz Deli’s sign says Katz Deli and That’s All because that’s how what the owner told the sign maker to put on his sign (get it?). The area in Williamsburg has a large Hasidic Jewish population. Our guide is Jewish and has relatives who have 10+ kids from arranged marriages.  Other parts of Williamsburg are becoming quite hipster. There is an area of NYC that I’d never heard of, DUMBO, that’s district under metro bridge overpass.  The  bridges in NYC are BMW:   Brooklyn, Metro,  Washinton.

Next time  I’m in NYC I want to see High Line Park and the Whitney museum


We drove toward Brooklyn with a small tour group and learned more about the movement of immigrants into New York, specifically into Brooklyn.  These immigrants changed the USA, each group brought their customs, religions,  their foods. They struggled with prejudices against them, tried to make a living in a new country. I have to admire them for the struggle that it had to have been.  I know that being of 100% European descent, DNA verified, all of my people came over the pond.

It makes me think of all the immigrants in the USA arriving during my lifetime, the frustration that I have had sometimes faced when trying to address immigrant children’s educational needs, or just becoming accustomed to the foreign languages in my own city. It is sometimes unsettling to deal with the changes immigrants are making today.  However, my “better self” feels that our county, which I do love so dearly, has always welcomed the world in and must continue to do so.

Sooo, we enjoyed the gifts they brought to our country’s potluck :  Cubano sandwiches, French chocolates, Polish pierogi, Jewish kinish, Italian cannoli- what a grand day! Thankfully lots of walking!

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  1. Loved this! Walking the Brooklyn Bridge toward Manhattan was the one thing I didn’t get to do when I was there that I had hoped to! Glad you got to do it – thanks for the video “taste!”

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