Tremeoc, Finistere – Brittany, France

We stayed in a wonderful Air BnB, clearly the highlight as far as accommodations, in the countryside in a little village named, Temeoc. The host and hostess were part of the appeal, Christian was the English speaker, so our lifeline to this beautiful country. He was so gracious and welcoming (just as our Elise in San Diego is with her guests). He sat us down to go over the map with us on our first day on his cider farm and on our last evening, we were invited to join him and his wife for some homemade hard cider and to see the rest of their beautiful, refurbished old stone home. They rent out five units, total and all are just lovely, modern, but retaining the character of the original building. He worked for an American company, so his skill with English was very much appreciated. Christian showed us photos that he took and that his friend took as they were flying ultra-lights in the area. Some really stunning photos of the coastline and countryside from a perspective that I WILL NEVER see! Christian has been flying for many years, and cuts the engine on each trip to be sure that he can glide it, so that he is always ready for a potential emergency. (I can hear my mom saying, “Crazy Frenchman!”, or is that my voice in my head?) Anyway, he was just delightful and if we’re every able to come back this way, I would want to stay here.

We were able to do our laundry there, though no dryer, and a lack of understanding of how to use the washer, I was busy for quite a while with the laundry. However, the ponies in the field, the assorted cats and dogs, the sunshine, the charm of this place is just magical.

We also got out lots to see the surrounding area. Pont-Aven is a cute, though very touristy, town. Gaugin painted here and it is really quaint. We also stopped in Locronan, another cute and well-visited village. There are SOOOOO many, creperies. I am quite “creped” out, but we are extremely happy to getting our full of fresh seafood. One night we were guided to a harbor side restaurant where we quite enjoyed some Belon oysters, lobster and some pomme frittes. AH, this is the life! We got back to the farm on a very windy, pretty much single lane road in total darkness. With the kitchen that we have, we decided to picnic in for dinner the next night after more oysters and fish for lunch. What an enchanting place.

4 thoughts on “Tremeoc, Finistere – Brittany, France”

  1. Denisey,
    This looks idyllic and out of a French countryside fairy tale….. I love those tiny horses with LONG hair!! I hope you get this…. Thinking of you guys muchisimo!

  2. Hi Denise,
    I’m so enjoying reading your blogs and watching the videos. It’s an amazing trip you’re on. Can’t wait to talk to you about it.
    Apple pandowdy today….we’ll miss you. Keep enjoying and safe travels.

    1. I wish you could all be here too! I am eyeing the cakes and thinking of our group. Such gorgeous ceramic bakeware too! Wish I had the room in my luggage, and the bank account to bring it all home. See you at the October meeting. Thanks for following, Linda. Hugs, Denise

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