One thought on “Zurich”

  1. Ahhhhh Switzerland!!! So beautiful there. I hope you got near Interlaken…. you guys look great. Tomorrow we leave for Dublin! Finally after big delays, but I genuinely feel very blessed. Yes, Denisey and Barry we WILL get together in November and try and coordinate.

    Miss you guys! I saw Carola and her new dog, Tootsie. We did lunch with her mom and dad for their 63rd wedding anniversary. Wowee!! Before that I “stood in” for Pam and went to the Beach Boys with Kevin— they were excellent. Pam just got home, but we did not see each other yet…. we will wait until my return!

    Love and hugs to you guys! I am bringing rain gear and an umbrella.
    Lunch in Limerick here we come! xoxo

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